Grand Chapitre 2024


We take great pleasure in welcoming you to the Grand Chapitre in Tromsø from Friday, June 28th, to Sunday, June 30th, 2024!

Bailliage d’Arctique was strongly encouraged to host the Grand Chapitre in 2024, during the Grand Chapitre 2022 in Kristiansand. An event in the north, with the opportunity to witness the sun dance over the horizon at midnight, was strongly desired. However, like all natural phenomena, the certainty of witnessing the sun, fortunately, nature still governs.

The hosts, Bailliage d’Arctique, regardless, want to give you all a warm and hearty welcome as you approach 69° north in 2024. Tromsø is Norway's arctic capital, known as the Gateway to the Arctic Sea, but also widely recognised as the Paris of the North with residents from 150 nations. Tromsø is a compact and urban city with most activities within walking distance. Our culinary delights are cultivated in the midnight sun and under the power of the northern lights. Therein lies the magic of our ingredients. We send our dried cod southward and receive good wines in return.

Welcome! We hope you have a brilliant stay!

With genuine regards from the Arctic and on behalf of the Board of Bailliage d’Arctique

Geir Solheim

Link to further information, invitation and registration wil be made available here as soon as it is fully finalized.